Workers' Compensation

IcebergHaving workers' compensation coverage in West Virginia is the tip of the iceberg ... Having an agent who specializes in West Virginia workers' compensation uncovers the hidden tools needed to add value to your business.

Mountain State Insurance Agency has developed a comprehensive program to manage the West Virginia workers' compensation insurance process for our clients. Mountain State Insurance Agency is a member of the nationally recognized Institute of Work Comp Professionals and is among only 35 agencies nationwide to obtain the prestigious Level 5 designation. Mountain State Insurance Agency has 5 certified work comp advisors, 3 certified work comp specialists and an experienced workers' compensation claims adjuster on staff.

A certified work comp advisor (CWCA) is an insurance professional who has been trained by the Institute of Work Comp Professionals and has passed a certification test. There are only about 300 certified work comp advisors in the U.S.

An estimated 50 percent of all businesses pay excessively for workers' compensation in West Virginia due to management oversights. Overcharges often result from errors on the premium audit; incorrect experience modification factors or mismanaged employee injuries; and inadequate hiring and employee management practices. Our certified work comp advisors are skilled in analyzing workers' comp accounts, identifying errors and overcharges, and developing strategies for helping employers reduce West Virginia workers' compensation costs permanently.

What does a Certified Workers' Comp Advisor do for me?

  • Identifies errors and submits them for correction
  • Locates Experience Modification mistakes and follows up to correct them
  • Verifies audit to identify and correct mistakes or errors in preparation for insurance company auditor
  • Obtains refunds for "Money left on the table"
  • Helps employers establish a process for reducing costs and eliminating future errors
  • Helps employers in the hiring process, where workers' compensation problems start
  • Works with the employer to prevent the causes of injuries
  • Creates a process to get injured workers back-on-the-job quickly and fairly
  • Knows and understands the complicated workers' compensation system


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As an electrical contractor, the NCCI classification system provides several classifications for our payroll to be assigned to, according to the specific type of work being performed. When Mountain State Insurance reviewed our last payroll audit they identified errors, disputed the audit for us, and obtained a 59% reduction in our audit premium.

James Smith, President, Jordan-Smith Electric Company

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