Surety Bonds

Today's construction industry in West Virginia is more competitive than ever, and many West Virginia contractors are bidding jobs that require surety bonds for contract performance. At Mountain State Insurance, we provide your business with access to the most respected surety bond providers in the industry whether you are requesting your first surety bond or have a long history of West Virginia surety bond work.

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If your company has frequent surety bond needs in West Virginia, then you know that excellent customer service is crucial to uninterrupted business. At Mountain State Insurance our dedicated surety bond team takes the worry out of meeting surety bond deadlines in West Virginia. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced, in the requirements and procedures of the various West Virginia state agencies, providing accurate surety bond preparation with acute attention to proper form completion.

Providing all your commercial and contract surety bonds in West Virginia:

  • Court Judicial
  • Court Fiduciary
  • Public Official
  • License and Permit
  • Financial Performance Guarantees
  • Fidelity Bonds
  • Bid Bonds
  • Financial Performance
  • Payment Bonds

Let Mountain State Insurance help you establish and grow your Surety Bond relationships in West Virginia.


Mountain State Insurance Agency’s level of customer service, coupled with the degree of urgency with which they take care of our insurance requirements, is second to none. Our business is of the nature that we must have information almost immediately upon request. And, Mountain State’s response time has been most impressive. Within a reasonable period of time, we always receive a returned telephone call or e-mail reply, regardless of whether the answer is at hand or not; we know they are working on it and will get an answer as promptly as possible. Thanks for taking such good care of us!

Greg Lantz, CFO, J-Wood Contracting, LLC