Is your home as efficient as it could be? An energy audit can tell you.

Drafty windows. Leaky faucets. Dirty air filters. All are common issues in homes across the country, and they're not just annoying—they also cost you money in decreased energy efficiency and higher bills. Anyone can take steps to save energy—whether you're a hardcore do-it-yourselfer or someone simply tired of sending a big check to the power company every month. Just don't forget what might be the most important thing of all after you finish your audit and make your home more efficient: Deciding how to spend the money you’ll save!

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Screening Volunteers for your Organization

Regardless of how your organization recruits volunteers, it is imperative that you establish a stringent screening process. This incredibly effective risk management tool will lend a hand in preventing any unnecessary harm. Furthermore, screening volunteers will allow your organization to select the best person for the position. 

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Common Risk Exposures for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations provide essential social services that benefit the community and their members. However, even if your organization doesn't sell a product or generate profit, there are still a number of potential risks that can affect your employees, assets, volunteers, directors and officers, and most importantly, your mission. 

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