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Factors That Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

If you’ve ever wondered why your auto insurance premium differs from what your family and friends pay, it’s because auto insurance policies are not one-size-fits-all. Factors like your personal driving history, how often you drive and where you live can all affect the cost of your auto policy. Here are some of the main factors that can have an impact on your auto insurance premium.

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6 Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

If someone were to ask you what was covered under your auto insurance policy, would you be able to tell them? Like most of us, you would probably have hard time confidently answering that question. Interpreting the various types of coverage offered under your auto insurance policy can be tricky, but extremely beneficial. The more you understand your policy, the more peace of mind you have knowing you are sufficiently covered in an accident.

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8 Common Auto Insurance Myths

Auto insurance can be complex and difficult to understand. With all the information available to policyholders it can be challenging to decipher the facts from myths. Knowing what’s covered under your auto policy anthe factors that determine your premium is crucialWhat’s more, not understanding your coverage may lead you to believe you’re covered when that may not be the case.

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